How to Become an Atomist? A Detailed Guide to the Profession Published

The Ukrainian Nuclear Society has prepared a handbook on how to become a specialist in the nuclear power industry.

“Realizing the importance of involving young people in technical specialties and understanding the importance of preserving and increasing human resources in the nuclear industry, the Ukrainian Nuclear Society has developed a guide for entrants and their parents The Path to the Career in Nuclear Energy“, UNS statement says.

The authors define the purpose of this publication to promote the development of technical specialties and attract young people to study and build a professional career in the nuclear industry of Ukraine. The guide includes useful information for future students, which will help them not only to determine their future profession and specific specialty, but also the place of further employment.

The guidebook collects and systematizes information about all higher education institutions that train specialists in the nuclear power industry, admission requirements, tuition fees, dormitories and military departments, and many other useful information that an applicant will need when choosing a place to study.

The information in the guide is structured in the following sections:

1. Where Сan I work?

2. Where to Study?

3. What Specialty to Choose?

4. How to Enter?

5. How to Get a Job after Graduation for Sure?

6. How to Familiarize Oneself With the Work of the Nuclear Energy Industry?

7. How to Learn More about Education in the Core Higher Educational Institutions?

Each chapter provides comprehensive information and many answers to the most common questions that usually concern applicants before admission. All information for the guide was provided directly by specialized higher education institutions, so it is relevant for the 2020 admission campaign.

The guide in Ukrainian is available for download at the link.

According to the Ukrainian Nuclear Society.