A Radiation Anomaly Found in the Scrap in Zaporizhia

April 21, 2020, a special commission of authorized services conducted a radiological examination of a container with a radiation anomaly found on the railway in Zaporizhia. The commission included Igor Bendo, head of the South-Eastern Inspectorate for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the SNRCU, and representatives of the State Ecological Inspectorate in Zaporizhia Oblast, the Main Department of the State Food and Consumer Service in Zaporizhia Oblast and the Security Service of Ukraine Directorate in Zaporizhia Oblast.

Signs of radioactivity in the container were found on April 16, when at the “Sortuvalna” station  in “Dniprospetsstal” A.M. Kuzmin Zaporizhia Electrometallurgical Plant” a stationary radiation monitoring system  on a railway platform with a container.

Two pieces of scrap were found in a container, which looked like metal pipes with flange mounting 0.85 m long and 0.26 m in diameter each. The total mass of the fragments was 167 kg.

According to the measurements of the factory laboratory of radiation safety and radiation control and the Radiation Safety Service of the Dnipro inter-Oblast branch of the ‘Radon’ Association, the equivalent dose of gamma radiation maximum power was 7.5 μSv / h at a distance of 0.1 m from these pipes.

The staff of the ‘Radon’ Association Dnipro branch unloaded the container and removed fragments from which the ionizing radiation was coming. They were placed in temporary storage in the Dniprospetsstal repository until it is decided to transport the IRS of the Dnipro inter-Oblast branch of the ‘Radon’ Association.

According to the SNRCU.