What Radiological Equipment is Forbidden to Use? Clarification from the SNRIU

The State Nuclear Regulating Inspectorate of Ukraine has prepared methodological clarifications on the application of the provisions of Article 17 of the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Humans from Ionizing Radiation”.

The point is that there is a ban on the import into Ukraine, production and commissioning of X-ray machines, computer tomographs and other medical equipment that uses IRS that do not meet the criteria listed in the law.

The methodological explanations reveal in detail the essence of the requirements of Article 17 of the Law, explain some new terms that are used, give examples of radiological equipment with technical characteristics and photo illustrations.

These methodological explanations are recommended for use as methodological reference material to institutions and organizations that manufacture or put into operation medical radiological equipment, and to SNRCU units that supervise and license activities for the production and use of medical IRS, organize state examinations of nuclear and radiation safety of medical IRS projects.

According to the SNRCU.