The Launch of the Belarusian NPP Is Scheduled for July

Belarus plans to  launch the first unit of the Belarusian NPP in July 2020.

This was announced by Deputy Minister of Energy of the Republic of Belarus Mikhailo Mikhadiuk.

“When we are ready, when we get the appropriate license from the regulator, which is ready for physical launch, then we will start. The schedule provided by the general contractor envisages that such readiness will be ensured in July,” Mikhadiuk said during an online briefing.

Commenting on the Lithuanian side’s concerns about the construction of the Belarusian NPP near the border with Lithuania, the Belarusian official noted that the safety of the NPP is a priority for Belarus.

“As far as safety is concerned, we are taking all necessary measures to keep our station safe. We are probably more interested in this than all our neighbors, because we survived the Chornobyl tragedy and we understand what it is,” Mikhail Mikhadiuk said.

According to the “Ukrainska Energetyka”.