One of the SAUZEM Employees Infected with COVID-19

On May 15, an employee of the State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management (SAUZEM) was diagnosed with COVID-19. The person has been working remotely since March 23, which is confirmed by the system of electronic passes of the Agency’s Kyiv office.

The employee did not visit the enterprises managed by SAUZEM  with working visits either.

Now the patient was hospitalized in one of the hospitals in Kyiv.

From the beginning of the quarantine, the staff of all enterprises within the scope of management of SAUZEM was transferred to a special mode of operation.

Only operational personnel remained at the workplaces, ensuring the implementation of priority tasks, including ensuring nuclear and radiation safety, radiation monitoring in the exclusion zone. The rest of the employees work from home.

The quarantine restrictions, given the fire-hazardous period, did not only affect the work of the employees of SSE “Northern Forest”, who have to intensify patrols of forests in the exclusion zone.

At three checkpoints “Dytiatky”, “Semykhody” and “Paryshiv”, doctors of the Centre for Specialized Medical Care of the Exclusion Zone measure the temperature of the Exclusion Zone employees on a daily basis. Similar measures apply at the enterprises of the Exclusion Zone.

According to SAUZEM.