Equipment for Early Detection of Fires Is Being Tested in the Exclusion Zone

The State Agency of Ukraine for Exclusion Zone Management has launched a pilot project to test equipment for early detection of fires in large areas. One such system with optical and thermal imaging technology has already been installed.

The pilot project is being implemented within the framework of the agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between SSE “Northern Forest” and the company “Engineering-Analytics”.

“Early detection of fires and constant monitoring is one of the priority tasks that needs to be comprehensively addressed. The most important elements that should be in the system of early detection of fires are accuracy and efficiency, so that firefighters can immediately go to the scene of the fire and eliminate it,” said the SAUEZM Head Sergiy Kalashnyk.

The data from the cameras installed in the Exclusion Zone will be sent 24/7 to the control point of the Northern Forest enterprise, says its director Roman Kyziun. If the equipment detects an increase in temperature in the area of ​​surveillance (about 10 kilometers), the dispatcher will automatically receive a notification. Thanks to optical technologies, the dispatcher will be able to see in more detail where the excess temperature was recorded and react quickly.

If the pilot project is successfully tested, SAUEZM will consider the use of optical and thermal imaging technology throughout the Exclusion Zone.

According to SAUEZM.