RNPP Prepares Radwaste for Disposal in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone

Radioactive waste of Rivne NPP is being prepared for disposal in the Vector Engineered Near-Surface Disposal Facility (ENSDF) in the Chornobyl exclusion zone.

During operation of VVER-440 and VVER-1000 units, a large amount of liquid radwaste, in particular, evaporation bottom was accumulated at the Rivne NPP site. Evaporation bottom was evaporated to a state of fusion cake to reduce its amount. In 1995-1996 and 2001-2002, a part of evaporation bottom was bituminized in special containers at a bitumen plant for liquid radwaste. Since then, 739 containers with bitumen compound have been stored at RNPP storage facilities.

Special container for radwaste

Зараз на РАЕС виконується низка заходів з передачі контейнерів із СБК для захоронення в Чорнобильській зоні відчуження. Зокрема, виконано радіологічну, хімічну та фізичну характеризації СБК, проведено обстеження стану контейнерів із СБК, що потрібно для обґрунтування безпеки їх перевезення, проміжного зберігання, переробки (іммобілізації) та захоронення.

Currently, a number of measures are being taken at RNPP to transfer containers with bitumen compound for disposal in the Chornobyl exclusion zone. In particular, radiological, chemical and physical characterization of bitumen compound was performed, condition of bitumen compound containers was inspected that is required to justify safety of their transfer, intermediate storage, processing (immobilization) and disposal.

“Last year, RNPP performed activities to characterize bitumen compound samples for compliance with the acceptance criteria. Samples from 40 containers were studied. Experts of the Water and Radiochemical Laboratory of the RNPP Chemical Shop conducted more than 1.600 measurements of parameters”, Deputy Head of the RNPP Decontamination and Radioactive Waste Shop Volodymyr Gorbunov comments.

Deputy Head of the RNPP Decontamination and Radioactive Waste Shop Volodymyr Gorbunov

The methodology and report with the data of the analysis of chemical and physical sample parameters were submitted by RNPP to the SNRIU at the end of 2019 and are under approval. The next stage will be a documentary confirmation by the Centralized Radioactive Waste Management Enterprise (CRME) of the possibility to safely dispose such radwaste.

Further procedure of bitumen compound management envisages transfer of containers with bitumen compound from RNPP to CRME, their temporary storage at the storage facility of the Vector site, transfer of containers from CRME to ChNPP radwaste processing facilities, where they are immobilized in KZ-3 containers and after characterization of the end product will be transferred to ENSDF for disposal.

According to the RNPP Press Service, SSTC NRS.