Inventory Project Stage 2 Completed. SSTC NRS Experts Collected All Data on Required Radiation Sources

The State Scientific and Technical Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety has successfully completed stage 2 of the Inventory Project aimed at an unscheduled inventory of sealed radiation sources in the east of Ukraine.

Stage 2 task was to collect information on radiation sources, in particular, to compile a list and types of sources available at the facilities selected for the inventory, and to describe them taking into account the operating or storage conditions, as well as potential hazard level.

Experts of the SSTC NRS Emergency Preparedness and Radiation Monitoring Department prepared everything necessary to plan future inspections: outlined procedures for each specific source, including measurements or other methods for its identification (depending on facility specifics), developed a general inspection plan and purchased the necessary measuring equipment and individual protection means.

In addition to a metal detector, radio sets, individual dosimeters and digital laser range finder, SSTC measuring equipment will be also used during the inventory.

Data sources for the analysis were information from the State Register of Radiation Sources and information provided by the South-Eastern Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspectorate.

Head of the Emergency Preparedness and Radiation Monitoring Department Yuliya Balashevska says that due to the wide range of technological processes of the enterprises using radiation sources, collection of the descriptive part was extremely important:

“When the information provided on sealed radiation sources (radionuclide type, its activity, type of source unit) was analyzed, we defined the technological processes in which these sources are involved at enterprises. This allowed developing an inventory methodology for various sources with an understanding in what equipment and how they are placed, is there physical access to them”, Balashevska explained.

The Inventory Project is not an inspection and does not provide any sanctions for entities using radiation sources. Its purpose is to conduct the inventory of sealed radiation sources, identify those that could be lost, as well as update the information in the State Register of Radiation Sources.

The project is ongoing based on the Partnership Agreement between the SSTC NRS and the Science and Technology Centre in Ukraine under support of the U.S. State Department and U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

According to SSTC NRS.