How Nuclear Industry Influences Country Development: Experts’ Analytical Report

The Ukrainian Nuclear Society has published analytical report “The Impact of Nuclear Industry on the Development of Ukraine”  developed with the participation of the Ukrainian Nuclear Forum.

“The aim of the study is a comprehensive assessment of the activities of nuclear industry enterprises in Ukraine and their combined impact on the economic development, social sphere and ecology of our state», was reported in the message of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society.

This is the second such study: the first was presented in 2019.

The Ukrainian Nuclear Forum assisted in developing the methodology of the analytical report.

The report notes that in 2019, the nuclear industry paid taxes to budgets of various levels in the amount of 64 billion UAH, spent about 40 billion UAH on labor costs. The capital investments amounted to 70 billion UAH. Nuclear industry enterprises allocate about 9 billion UAH for social events.

The direct impact of the nuclear industrial complex basic enterprises in 2019

The study showed that the net income of the nuclear industry in 2019 amounted to almost 4.5% of the real GDP of Ukraine. The taxes paid by nuclear industry enterprises in 2019 amounted to almost 6% of all state budget revenues or 64.3 billion UAH.

To learn more about statistical indicators and analytical conclusions on the contribution of nuclear energy to the development of Ukraine, download analytical report “The Impact of Nuclear Industry on the Development of Ukraine” (in UKrainian) by reference.

According to The Ukrainian Nuclear Society.