Three Ukrainian Units Fully Loaded with Westinghouse Fuel

On June 28, the reactor core at South Ukraine NPP Unit 2 became fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel assemblies. Thus, this is the second unit of the South Ukraine NPP (SUNPP) that has been loaded only with Westinghouse fuel. SUNPP Unit 3 was the first to become fully loaded with this fuel (in 2018).

163 upgraded fuel assemblies (FA-WR) were loaded to SUNPP Unit 2.

Full loading of the second SUNPP unit with Westinghouse fuel means that the fuel design and performances have proved to be reliable”, emphasized Oleksiy Arvaninov, SUNPP deputy chief engineer on nuclear and radiation safety.

Recall that the fuel qualification project in Ukraine began in 2000 after the agreement was signed between the governments of the USA and Ukraine. The U.S. party provided substantial financial and guidance support to implement the project. The project began in 2005 with operation of six lead test assemblies at SUNPP Unit 3, and a commercial contract with Westinghouse was signed in 2008. Westinghouse fuel assemblies were upgraded in operation at Ukrainian NPPs. In 2018, SUNPP Unit 3 was fully loaded with Westinghouse fuel, and this became a nationwide event.

Westinghouse fuel is currently operated at two SUNPP units (full loading) and four Zaporizhzhya NPP units (Unit 5 fully loaded and Units 1, 3 and 4 partially).

According to Energoatom and SSTC NRS.