Educational Film “Hazardous Radiation Sources” on Uatom YouTube Channel

The Chornobyl Research and Development Institute created a popular science film “Hazardous Radiation Sources” as part of the “KROK do Bezpeky” (“Step to Safety”) information campaign to increase public awareness of the risk of possessing and storing radiation sources. The aim is also to improve the safety of public life and health and reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism.  

“The film focuses on radiation sources. It tells where they can be found, how they must be managed and who needs to be notified. We tried to give a little history and extrapolate it to the present to warn people against negligence. After all, everything is to be paid for. And people should know that any contacts or unprofessional handling and attempts to disassemble devices with radioactive components will result in serious consequences”, film producer Vitaliy Kovach noted.

Some film frames show specialists from the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, National Research Center for Radiation Medicine, Chornobyl Research and Development Institute, Radon Corporation and NT Engineering LLC, who explain the basic principles of radioactivity, hazards of radiation sources for human health and actions to be taken if a source has been revealed.

“Hazardous Radiation Sources” (in Ukrainian) was already shown on channel 34 in the city of Dnipro, where about 10,000 spectators saw it. It is now freely available on the Uatom YouTube channel.

“This film leaves no questions about whether or not to come into contact with radiation sources and what to do if they are revealed”, Kovach summarized.