Attempt to Import Radioactive Helicopter to Russia from Germany

Customs officers of Vladivostok in the Russian Federation found a civilian helicopter at the sea checkpoint, whose radiation level exceeded permissible value by 55 times.

The radiation-hazardous cargo arrived by sea in a container from Germany to the Russian company. The maximum level of gamma radiation on the surface of the vehicle exceeded 5 μSv/h, beta radiation was also high.

Picture: Vladivostok customs

“The source of radiation was a gearbox and its cover in the tail rotor of the helicopter”, the Vladivostok Customs press service reported.

Since the parts that emitted radiation do not comply with the basic sanitary rules of the Russian Federation, they are prohibited from being imported to the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union to which Russia belongs. Accordingly, these parts should be exported to the return address.

According to, Vladnews.