Base Load of NPP Increased for Summer

On the proposal of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine, the Ukrenergo Company decided to increase the base load of NPPs for July-August. Due to this, KhNPP-1, 2 reached full power and RNPP- 2 and ZNPP- 6 were additionally loaded.

The cause was the increase in demand for electric power monitored by the unified power system of the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry. In June 2020, there was an increase in consumption by 577 million kWh or 5.8% against corresponding indexes of the Forecast Balance. This trend persists and in the beginning of July consumption exceeds the scheduled indexes by 8.9%

The average NPP capacity increased from 7.4 GW to 7.9 GW as of 8:00 on 10 July.

The Ukrenergo also confirmed the possibility to increase NPP load additionally in October-December in accordance with the scope proposed by the Energoatom.

Thus, the production of electric power by nuclear power plants this year may increase to 76.5 billion kWh, i.e. 4% higher than the indexes predicted in the Forecast Balance. However, as noted in the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry, this NPP loading and production is approximate and will be specified depending on the operational situation that will occur in the energy system of the country in fact.

According to the Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine.