What are the Uatom Readers Interested in? The Online Opinion Poll Results

Who reads Uatom? And what topics is our audience interested in? Lately, in order to learn this, we conducted an online opinion poll on our website and Facebook page. 90 respondents took part in the poll from June 17 to July 27 — these are the ones who answered at least one among four questions.

So, half of the Uatom readers follow the Facebook page updates and learn about new publications thanks to these updates. The rest visit the website with various frequency: some – every day, some – once in several days, and others read rarely, but still keep visiting us once per several weeks.

The majority of the audience are professionals who work at nuclear and radiation safety sector enterprises. Interesting enough, that there turned out to be no medical radiologist among readers (among their most active portion, at least). It’s a pity, although we publish a lot of materials on radiation use in health care and on safety with medical radiation management. We are pleased to see interested laymen, because the Uatom is a popular science resource.

Among out published content the Uatom readers most of all read about what happens in the nuclear energy use in the world, what experts think, and analytical materials. Frankly speaking, we are not surprised, although we try to publish mostly materials of these genres.

And of course, we wondered, what our readers lack? Because the opinion poll was conceived for better understanding our audience and satisfy their need for reliable information on nuclear and radiation safety. We didn’t limit our respondents’ choice, who were able to add their own options of responds. It comes from the results, that the Uatom editorial team should pay more attention to the world and Ukrainian context of the nuclear industry and follow more thorouglly innovations in the nuclear technology.

A part of out audience, big enough, has desire to learn more about military application of the nuclear technology and non-proliferation, ecology matters and safe radiation use in medicine.

All data received in the course of the opinion poll will help us to improve website performance. We strive to perfect ourselves, and the opinion of the audience is our guiding line, because the Uatom exists directly for them. So we do not stop at this point, but aim to conduct such polls from time to time, so that our publications would correspond to actual needs of the audience.

We appreciate everybody, who found their time to answering questions!

Uatom.org Editorial Board.