ISF-2 Accepted First Fuel Assemblies for Hot Tests

On 10 September 2020, hot tests started at the Spent Fuel Storage Facility No. 2 of the Chornobyl NPP. The storage facility accepted the first actual spent fuel assembly (SFA) with the performance of all operations provided by the technology.

“These procedures cover lifting the canister to a vertical position from the container car, unpacking, moving certain spent fuel assemblies into the hot cell, cutting and repackaging”, is indicated in the ChNPP statement.

Respectively, all stages of the technology for spent fuel transfer for storage starting from fuel transport from ISF-1 to ISF-2 and ending with preparation for long-term storage were trained not only using simulators, but also using real SFAs.

We remind that, at ISF-2, fuel will be stored in special canisters placed in concrete modules. Before storage, fuel will be reprocessed and dried at a spent fuel treatment plant. After a 100-year storage period, fuel will be moved to another storage facility or it will be reused, if the necessary technologies are available.