Chornobyl Zone to Be Divided into Two Sections

“The Chornobyl zone has to be divided into two sections: 10-km and 30-km zones. The first zone is the place where radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management facilities are concentrated and where people will never live. Everyone understands this. The second zone performs a buffer function, and employees of the exclusion zone enterprises who work on a rotational basis live there”, said Minister of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources Roman Abramovskyi.

According to him, the 30-kilometer zone and, in particular, the town of Chornobyl can be made environmentally safe.

In addition, the official said that his ministry is developing a draft law to strengthen responsibility for illegal entry into the exclusion zone.

“We have recorded an increased number of stalkers who roam dangerous territories. We have developed a draft law to strengthen responsibility for illegal stay. Indeed, over time, the Chornobyl zone can be turned into an environmentally safe system”, Abramovskyi said.

However, now the penalty for violators in the Chornobyl zone is 310 UAH.