Crane Upgrade at RNPP under Technology for Spent Fuel Transfer to Storage Facility

Holtec International spent nuclear fuel management technology is being implemented at RNPP-4. Its final stage is to modernize a polar crane in the central hall of the reactor building.

Chief Engineer of the RNPP Power Maintenance Unit Oleh Khalandach notes that the polar crane belongs to 1H equipment and is used to transport equipment during maintenance. According to him, the upgrade should improve mechanism characteristics and reliability:

“The purpose of this modernization is to increase the safety level of the power unit by reducing the likelihood of crane equipment failure, which is implemented by replacing outdated equipment with expired service life; increase crane reliability using up-to-date hardware and software; extend crane service life and increase its safety level during  various operations; replace  the crane control system, that is, increase the reliability of its operation, implementation of up-to-date software, in particular, the system for automatic registration of crane equipment parameters”.

The polar crane of the reactor building at 1000 MW power unit

Due to modernization of the polar cranes at 1000 MW power units, the implementation of Holtec International technology at the Rivne NPP will be completed. Consequently, the Rivne NPP will be the first Ukrainian nuclear power plant to be able to transport spent nuclear fuel to the Centralized Spent Fuel Storage Facility in the exclusion zone.

It should be recalled that RNPP-3 and 4 are equipped with 1000 MW VVER-1000 reactors. 
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