Border Guards and State Environmental Inspectorate Detected Radioactive Clock in Tourist’s Baggage

The Yantar system recording radiation level increase actuated at the Bachivsk international checkpoint of the Glukhiv customs (Sumy region) during checking personal baggage of people who crossed the border. Employees of the State Environmental Inspectorate detected a radiation source using dosimeter-radiometers.

“The radiation source was an AChS-1 aviation vintage clock. The permissible absorbed dose rate of gamma radiation in it was exceeded in 19 times. Inspectors recommended customs officers to withdraw the clock for its further recycling”, Andrii Maliovanyi, Chairman of the State Environmental Inspectorate said.

The official added that radiation monitoring is one of the functions of the State Environmental Inspectorate:

“The first stage is carried out by border guards using automated systems or manually. If exceeded radiation is detected, they involve the State Environmental Inspectorate, which determines the cause of deviations in indexes. For this purpose, the Poiisk and Spectra dosimeters are used. Laboratories of the State Environmental Inspectorate are equipped with these devices”.

This is how the Inspectorate protects the environment against radiation contamination.

State Environmental Inspectorate of Ukraine.