Incident and Accidents Database Developed at ZNPP to Analyze Impact of Human Factor

Experts of ZNPP Operating Experience Department are continuously working to improve the use of information on operating experience, positive world practices and to improve the analysis of events occurred at NPPs in Ukraine and in the world.

Automated information system EXPERIENCE (“DOSVID”) is under testing at ZNPP. The system developed by experts from the Operating Experience Department will store the information about all incidents at the plant and will allow better processing and analysis of the data on their causes.

The EXPERIENCE system was developed as a result of implementing project “Nuclear Safety Improvement through Understanding the Impact of Human Factor” under cooperation of the European Commission and Energoatom.

“Its objective was to establish a single operating experience database at the regional level, which could combine all available databases on its platform and provide the end-to-end analysis of the data on all level events: from minor inconsistencies to significant events”, head of the Operating Experience Department Albert Ryabukha said.

The trial test operation of the “EXPERIENCE” and its module – human and organizational factor – lasted six months. The main ZNPP subdivisions and experts of the NPP psychological service took part in it.

The ZNPP press center also informs that the plans include updating the interface of the CAESAR event database and preparing an improved database to develop and control measures for considering internal and external events at NPPs in Ukraine and in the world.

 ZNPP Press Centre