Rivne NPP Unit 1 Can Be Safely Operated until 2030 — SNRIU

The Board of the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine considered the possibility of RNPP-1 further operation. The results of the state review of the Periodic Safety Review Report were presented at the meeting on 10 December within an online conference.

The SNRIU recognized the safety level of RNPP-1 as complying with standards and rules on nuclear and radiation safety. The safety status of the power unit has not deteriorated compared with the results of the previous safety review due to implementing a number of safety improvement measures.

According to Director General of the Rivne NPP Pavlo Pavlyshyn, all safety improvement measures were implemented on time, and deviations from standards and rules were eliminated according to the schedule without postponements.

Head of the SNRIU Directorate on Nuclear Installation Safety Serhii Yegan and Head of the SSTC NRS Safety Analysis Unit Dmytro Gumenyuk confirmed that the safety review was carried out in accordance with the requirements of NRS standards and rules.

Review conclusions show that there are no grounds to doubt the possibility of power unit operation for the next 10 years and for certain safety critical elements, the possibility of operation is justified until 2040.

The SNRIU Board made a decision on the possibility of RNPP-1 long-term operation by 22 December 2030.

SSTS NRS Press Service