SkhidGZK resumes operations on January 12

During the conference call chaired by the chief engineer of the State Enterprise “Eastern Mining and Processing Plant” (SkhidGZK) Victor Pugalsky the exit from downtime on January 12 was discussed. The heads of the company’s divisions reported on the preparatory work for downtime, the receipt of priority materials, reagents, fuel, components, means of production to restore the work of the units, acute respiratory viral infection and coronavirus infection rates etc.

Resumption of work became possible after the administration of SkhidGZK announced the acquisition of UAH 82 million on the accounts of the entreprise. The mines were decommissioned on December 7, 2020.

On December 9, 16 and 21, SkhidGZK workers held protests demanding the resumption of uranium mines and the repayment of salary arrears.

As reported, the government is considering the possibility of subordinating SkhidGZK to Energoatom.

SkhidGZK”, “Ukrainska Energetyka”.