A new section for cancer patients on our website

Every day about 450 Ukrainians are diagnosed with cancer. This is a serious disease, which, however, can be overcome if diagnosed in time and treated effectively. Radiation methods of diagnosis and treatment, radionuclide diagnostics and therapy and radiotherapy, play a key role here. They are included in most existing cancer treatment protocols.

But there are many varieties of these methods, they are easy to confuse, and the use of radiation for therapeutic purposes is still shrouded in mystery among the general public. Therefore, the Uatom.org team consulted with professional radiologists and prepared answers to questions that may arise in a person who has encountered radionuclide diagnostics or radiation therapy for cancer for the first time in his/her life.

The material in the form of a short memo gives an idea of ​​the essence of each of the diagnostic or therapeutic methods, contraindications, side effects, dose load, etc. We hope that this will free patients from fears and stereotypes about the healing properties of radiation. And even better, if everyone stays healthy and will never need this knowledge.

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