Ukraine supplied electricity to Belarus for 18 minutes

On January 16, Ukraine helped stabilize Belarus’ grid when the 1st power unit of the Belarusian NPP was shut down.

“Ukraine has provided emergency assistance to the Republic of Belarus to ensure the stable operation of the neighboring country’s energy system. Such emergency assistance amounted to 200 MW in the period 18.42-18.50 and 300 MW in the period 18.50-19.00″, said Andriy Gerus, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Energy and Housing and Communal Services.

The generator protection system was activated at the Belarusian NPP during the experimental and industrial operation of the first power unit, within which systems and equipment are tested. The press service of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Belarus reported that energy imports from Ukraine amounted to 0.06% of total daily consumption and amounted to 0.077 million kWh.

According: ExPro, N1: by.