A Japanese court shifted the blame for the Fukushima from the government to the energy company

On January 21, the Tokyo High Court blamed the Japanese energy company Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO) for the Fukushima-1 accident. Accordingly, the decision of the lower court on the guilt of the Government of Japan was overturned. According to the court, the government was unable to prevent the accident, as even the preventive construction of dams in the ocean would not be able to protect the plant from the tsunami that caused the accident in March 2011. The court ordered TEPCO to pay 119.72 million yen ($ 1.1 million) to 90 plaintiffs.

The accident at the Fukushima-1 nuclear power plant occurred due to the fact that a powerful tsunami wave damaged the power supply and cooling systems, as a result of which nuclear fuel melted in three reactors. This caused explosions and radiation emissions into the atmosphere. Large adjacent areas were contaminated, from where the population was evacuated.

Currently, the NPP is undergoing liquidation work, and the complete dismantling of the station will take at least 40 years. In addition, decontamination of soil and various facilities is underway in the affected areas.