Stalkers bloggers, who boasted about the intrusion into the RW repository, exposed as liars

On their YouTube channel, Blogger Sus and his colleagues posted a video of illegal visits to the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone, claiming that they had “climbed right inside a liquid nuclear waste storage facility.” And that, allegedly, someone stole that waste.

As it turned out, the object, which stalkers had intruded, did not store liquid radioactive waste. This was reported by the press service of the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety.

“The building on the video is really close to the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant and, as we can see, it has been abandoned for a long time. It was not intended for radwaste storage, was and is not a part of the radioactive waste management infrastructure,” the SSTC NRS said in a statement.

The fact is that the SSTC explains that liquid radwaste must be solidified, for example, by cementing at a plant for the processing of liquid radioactive waste at the Chornobyl site. “Hardened radioactive waste in the form of a cement compound is actually placed in 200-liter barrels,” experts say, “and they, in turn, are placed in 4 pieces in reinforced concrete containers with a volume of 3 m3.”

This process, i. e. operations for the preparation of radioactive waste for transportation, storage and disposal, is called radwaste conditioning. Finally, containers with conditioned radwaste are stored in a specially equipped near-surface storage of solid radioactive waste of the Vector production complex. Therefore, there were no barrels of liquid radwaste in the building in the video.

However, the SSTC NRS stressed, “the fact that bloggers did not enter the radwaste storage facility does not in any way negate the fact that unauthorized, uncontrolled stay in the Exclusion Zone without observance of security measures is a threat to health and life.”

SSTC NRS Press Service.