Have got abilities? “Be an engineer!”. COMPETITION

The Council of Young Specialists with the support of the administration and the Trade Union Committee of Zaporizhzhya NPP holds a traditional open competition “Be An Engineer!” among students of 10 grades of general secondary education institutions of Energodar.

The competition will take place in the conference hall of the ZNPP Cultural and Business Centre in three subjects: mathematics, physics, chemistry.

March 16 at 14:00 — mathematics (identical transformations of algebraic expressions, progressions, inequalities, trigonometric equations, acceptable region, function graph, nth root of a number, planimetry imposition);

March 17 at 14:00 — physics (kinematics, dynamics, conservation equation in mechanics, relativistic mechanics, molecular physics, basics of thermodynamics);

March 18 at 14:00 — chemistry (basic concepts, radioactive decay, solutions, hydrolysis, redox reactions).

The winners in the nominations: “Mathematics”, “Physics”, “Chemistry”, as well as the absolute winners in three subjects will receive valuable prizes, diplomas and souvenirs.

Organisers of the competition: Council of Young Specialists of ZNPP, Youth Organization of ZNPP, Scientific and Methodological Center for Education Management, Energodar, Ukrainian Nuclear Society, Odessa National Polytechnic University.

For additional information call: 095-195-41-47 Andriy Tuz, 099-010-32-79 Yaroslav Pogrebny.