Krypton-85 found in Zhytomyr Oblast

Law-enforcers found a source of radiation “Krypton-85” at one of the enterprises in Zhytomyr Oblast. IRS was installed in one of the rooms. The company is not operating, and the license to use a radioactive source has expired.

Investigative actions were carried out by the counterintelligence of the Security Service of Ukraine in cooperation with units of the National Police under the procedural guidance of the Zhytomyr Regional Prosecutor’s Office with the involvement of specialists from the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Zhytomyr Oblast and the State Food and Consumer Service.

As a result, the equipment was seized and handed over to specialists of the State Specialized Enterprise “Radon” for expert research and storage.

The pre-trial investigation was started under Art. 265 (Illegal management of radioactive materials) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

SBU Press Service.

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