The “STEP to safety” radiology laboratory operated in Kamyanske

On February 24, the mobile radiology laboratory specialists, which operates as part of the “STEP to safety” radiation awareness project, met with residents of Kamyanske city. The goal is to collect hazardous sources of ionizing radiation (IRS) that are outside state regulation. Dmytro Kovalenko, a radiation safety specialist, spoke about this in a comment to Most-Dnipro news agency.

“Today we are working in the central square of the city and we are carrying out explanatory work with the residents. In the afternoon we hold a seminar for the staff of the State Emergency Service of the city. We will talk about the project, get acquainted with modern dosimetric equipment and talk about interagency cooperation in the elimination of dangerous radioactive finds. Yesterday we went around the city, inspected 5 places — these were public places with a large crowd of people and apartments. Fortunately, no radioactive findings were found. For another three weeks we will ply the cities of the region and conduct our campaign to raise radiation awareness among the population.”

Specialists of the mobile radiology laboratory conducted a lot of research on the premises, including the local TV channel and the shops of the abandoned enterprise. In Kamyanske, the problem of radiation safety has aroused considerable interest, as it is closely related to the liquidation of the radioactive tailings pond of the Dnieper Chemical Plant, which is located on the outskirts of the city.

The mobile radiology laboratory within the project on radiation awareness “STEP to safety” has been working in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast for a week. In the region, the campaign to collect sources of ionizing radiation began on February 16 and will last until March 19 in 8 cities in the region. Educatory work has already been carried out among the population of the city of Dnipro.


The Chornobyl Institute for Research and Development is a domestic expert-analytical centre that implements its own and partner scientific and technical research in the field of radioactive materials management, environmental protection and overcoming the consequences of radiation accidents. The Institute creates and implements information, educational and research programs in the field of radiology and radiation safety. In 2017, the institute was involved as an executor of the project “Public Relations and Information Campaign on the Amnesty Program for Ionizing Radiation Sources”, which is implemented to implement agreements between Ukraine and the United States in the field of nuclear safety and nuclear non-proliferation and nuclear terrorism control programs.

“STEP to Safety” is a campaign on radiation awareness and control over the non-proliferation of radioactive materials, including abandoned sources of ionizing radiation. The main goal of the campaign is to raise public awareness of radiation safety rules, as well as to encourage citizens to report to government agencies about detected and / or retained sources of ionizing radiation, thereby increasing the level of life safety.

According to: “Most-Dnipro” Information Agency, FB “STEP to safety”.