The SNRIU approved technical documents for the safety of the CSFNF

The SNRIU has agreed on a number of technical specifications and design documentation for systems and equipment that are important for the safety of the CSFNF. Projects of modification of NPP power units in the framework of their preparation for unloading of spent nuclear fuel with the help of equipment developed by Holtek International technology were also approved. These are 4 power units of Rivne NPP and power units №№1 and 2 of Khmelnitsky NPP.

The SNRIU noted that Energoatom continues to work on the modernization of spent fuel management systems at NPPs, namely: the introduction of the type of containers provided for in the CSF project; obtaining a certificate of approval of the design of the HI-STAR packaging kit and certification of welding technology.

In addition, with the participation of the regulator, the manufacture, testing and supply of basic equipment important for the safety of the CSFNF continues. These include: multi-purpose, transport and reloading containers, storage containers, the main crane of the container reception building, which is mounted on the site of the CSFNF, and the container handling device, which is placed on the site. Other safety-critical equipment and mechanisms supplied to the customer have also been tested.

With the participation of the State Scientific and Technical Centre for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, the SNRIU conducted a state examination of railway reconstruction projects under Wilcha Station to Yaniv Station, construction of an access track from this branch to the site of the construction of the CSF and the reconstruction of the bridge over the river Uzh near the village of Cherevach of Ivankiv Raion. Relevant conclusions were provided by the regulator to Ukrderzhbudekspertiza Building Expertise Office.

On February 12, 2021, the SNRIU licensing commission decided to amend the EO 001060 license for the right to carry out activities at the stages of the life cycle “construction and commissioning” of the nuclear facility, issued in 2017. On March 22, the SNRIU announced the approval of the technical conditions “List of documents attached to the application for a separate written permit for the right to carry out the commissioning of a nuclear facility” subject to the inclusion of additional documents required for a final decision.

According to the SNRIU.