SAUEZM is holding a tender for the construction of a vitrified radwaste storage facility by 2023

The State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management is considering the possibility of building a storage facility for the acceptance of vitrified radwaste generated by the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel of Ukrainian nuclear power plants in Russia by 2023. Ukrainian Energy learned about this during a press conference held in the Exclusion Zone.

The enterprise, which is managed by SAUEZM, is building the second stage of the Vector complex, where it is planned to accept spent nuclear fuel, which will come after processing from Russia. There are international obligations under the convention. There is a tender at the final stage. The construction period is March 2023,” the SAUEZM said.

The press conference also announced plans for investment projects in the exclusion zone: a battery recycling plant, a domestic waste recycling plant that enterprises of the Zone generate, and a hydrogen production plant.

Ukrainska Energetyka.