IRS with iridium-192 was stolen in Mexico

In Mexico, robbers stole a car with radiographic equipment with the isotope iridium-192. The incident occurred on April 11, and on April 13 the car was found.

This was reported by the Mexican Civil Defense Service and the National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Defense on Twitter.

The robbery occurred at 5:00 a.m. on the road near the entrance to the municipality of Toloyucan, Mexico. A Toyota Hilux with a DELTA 880 QSA GLOBAL device owned by GARANTÍA DE CALIDAD, SA DE C.V. The car had a source of iridium-192 with an activity of 68.89 curie. The National Nuclear Safety and Defense Commission has sounded the alarm in eight states.

Announcement describing the IRS distributed by the National Commission for Nuclear Safety and Defense of Mexico

On April 12, the agency announced that it had found the stolen car and returned the source of ionizing radiation under its control.

According to Report, Protección Civil México.