The art project will show the Exclusion Zone as “Noah’s Ark”

Photographer Denys Kopylov presented the author’s art project “The Ark of Chornobyl” on April 19 in the city of Prypyat, dedicated to the revival of nature.

 The photographer showed the Exclusion Zone as a kind of “Noah’s Ark”, where you can preserve all the natural diversity, where from the old, destroyed and dead always grows something new and beautiful.

The author of the project said that while traveling the world, he photographed animals in their natural environment for seven years. He then printed large posters with images of these animals.

“I drove these posters to different parts of the Exclusion Zone and photographed the posters with these animals so that it seemed as if the animals lived in the area. I want to show that nature is being restored, and the Chornobyl zone is not only a problem, but something that needs to be researched and studied. I want to change the attitude to the zone as a place of destruction, I am convinced that the exclusion zone is a kind of diamond of nature,” said Denys Kopylov.

“It will be 11 works that will represent the whole area on the positive and beautiful side,” added the photographer.

The State Agency for Exclusion Zone Management said it supported initiatives that portrayed the Chornobyl zone in a positive way and helped show it to the world.

The exhibition will be placed on the colonnade of the central square of the city of Prypyat on the eve of the 35th anniversary of the Chornobyl disaster and is available for viewing by all visitors to the exclusion zone.