The SNRIU approved the report on the safety analysis of the SNFSF-2

On April 22, the SNRIU Board reviewed the results of the state examination on nuclear and radiation safety of the final report on the SNFSF-2 safety analysis. As a result, the decision to prepare for the issuance of the Chornobyl NPP license for the operation of the storage facility was adopted unanimously.

“Dry” spent nuclear fuel storage, said the Chairman of the SNRIU  — Chief State Inspector for Nuclear and Radiation Safety of Ukraine Grygoriy Plachkov, is designed to receive, prepare for storage and direct long-term storage (within 100 years) of all spent nuclear fuel accumulated during operation of the Chornobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The issue is important and so symbolic that we consider it on the memorable days of the 35th anniversary of the Chernobyl accident. “

The participants of the Board heard information on the “Conclusion of the state examination of nuclear and radiation safety of the document of SSE” Chornobyl NPP” Dry spent nuclear fuel  storage facility (SNFSF -2). Final Security Analysis Report “HI-2210110, Rev.1”.


“Based on the results of the discussion, the SNRIU proposes to approve the conclusion of the state examination of nuclear and radiation safety of the document of SSE “Chornobyl NPP” Dry spent nuclear fuel storage facility. Final report on safety analysis”. To instruct the Department for Safety of Nuclear Installations to organize the issuance of a SNRIU  license to the SNRIU  for the right to carry out activities at the stage of the life cycle” operation of a nuclear installation — SNFSF-2,” said Grygoriy Plachkov.

The issue of issuing a license by the SNRIU is scheduled for consideration by the Licensing Commission of the SNRIU  on April 23. It will be recalled that SNFSF-2 is an intermediate storage facility designed for long-term storage of all spent Chornobyl nuclear fuel. The SNFSF-2 includes an installation for the preparation of spent nuclear fuel for storage and a zone for its direct storage.

The commissioning of the SNFSF-2 took place from September 10 to December 17, 2020 within the framework of a separate permit of the SNRIU . The “hot tests” for which the real spent fuel was moved from the wet SNFSF-1 were successfully carried out.

According to the SNRIU, “Ukrainska Energetyka“.