A Briton tried to smuggle clocks from Ukraine

A British citizen on his way to Barcelona, ​​Spain, tried to carry Soviet-made ship and aircraft watches in his luggage. However, the radiological system of Boryspil Airport recorded ionizing radiation from objects.

In order to pass customs control, the man chose a simplified scheme — a “green corridor”, i.e. he ensured that the goods he was moving did not fall under the prohibitions and restrictions established by law.

The Yantar radiological monitor detected radiation from three sources:

  • aircraft clock with the inscription “5 days”,
  • ship cabin clock complete with a key, an opening cover under which the number and the inscription “Made in the USSR” were embossed,
  • ship cabin clock with an opening cover.

The items were confiscated by the customs service, and a report was drawn up against the violator under Article 471 of the Customs Code of Ukraine (“Violation of the procedure for passing customs control in the zones (corridors) of simplified customs control”). 

Kyiv Customs.