Lithuanian Ignalina NPP has built a radwaste storage facility

The Ignalina NPP in Lithuania completed the construction of a low-level radioactive waste repository on May 12 (Project B19). The storage is planned to accept 60,000 cubic meters of radwaste.

The term of active use of the repository is 30 years. Active supervision of the repository will continue for another 30 years after closure, and passive supervision for the next 70 years. After a minute of this time, the storage area can be used safely.

Ignalina NPP. Photo: Wikipedia

The State Atomic Energy Safety Inspectorate is currently awaiting permission to load radwaste into storage.

The Ignalina NPP, located in northeastern Lithuania, operated from 1983 to 2009. It consists of two power units on which RBMK-1500 graphite-moderated reactors are installed. The decommissioning of the NPP is currently underway, and the dismantling of the first reactor is scheduled for 2027.