KhNPP Unit 2 Resumed Operation After Pump Failure

On June 18, the 2nd Power Unit of Khmelnytsky NPP was put into a state of “hot shutdown” due to the disconnection of two pumps.

“Unit №2 operated stably at a capacity of 1,005 MW. At 19:27, due to the shutdown of two turbine feed pump, Power Unit №2 was disconnected from the grid,” the Information Centre of the station said.

The level of radiation background on the industrial site and in the vicinity did not change and remained within the natural background rates. According to the INES International Nuclear Event Scale, an event is pre-classified below the “0” level (not essential for safety).

As early as June 20, at 9:25 p.m., the power unit was reconnected to the grid. “At 23:35 o’clock the power unit has been put to a capacity of 400 MW,” KhNPP said.

The First Power Unit of Khmelnytsky NPP is undergoing scheduled preventive repairs.

According to the KhNPP Information Centre, Ukrinform.