For stalkering — to jail. Parliament tightens sanctions for infiltration of the Chornobyl Zone

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading a bill that strengthens the responsibility for violating the requirements of the regime of stay in the Exclusion Zone.

The draft law “On Amendments to the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offenses and the Criminal Code of Ukraine on Strengthening Liability for Violation of Radiation Safety Requirements in Areas Affected by Radioactive Contamination” was adopted as a basis by 269 votes. 

The law submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers stipulates that entry into an Exclusion Zone or a Zone of Unconditional Resettlement without permission, or unauthorized settlement in them, or destruction, damage or transfer of signs of radiation pollution or fencing of these zones will be punishable by fines or restraint of liberty for one to three years. 

On this occasion, before the vote, MP from the Golos group  Oleksandra Ustinova said that the bill needs to be finalized. 

“Yes, we need to increase fines. But it is abnormal to put people in prison for being in an Exclusion Zone, ” she said. 

The size of the fine will be from one thousand to 2.5 thousand non-taxable minimum incomes. This is 17 thousand — 42.5 thousand gryvnias. 

In addition, moving in any way outside the Exclusion Zone of products of plant and animal origin, industrial or other products, animals, fish, plants or any other objects want to be fined in the same amount from 17 thousand to 42.5 thousand UAH.