New site section: Emergency Response and Civil Protection

Our site was updated with a new section Emergency Response and Civil Protection. Speaking of nuclear safety, one cannot ignore the situation to avoid which the whole concept of safety at nuclear power plants is aimed. Incidents and accidents of varying severity occur from time to time in the history of nuclear energy. Therefore, in this case, there are developed systems of measures that are designed to eliminate the consequences of the accident quickly and prevent the spread of radioactivity, as well as to protect the population from their harmful effects.

The Emergency Response and Civil Protection section is devoted to this. From the text you can find out what are the accidents by severity and type; how the system of response to radiological accidents in Ukraine is organised at the individual departments and nuclear power plants level of; how the population is warned and what measures are provided for its protection; when and whether to drink iodine at all; the order of actions of citizens in case of an accident signal, etc.

For a better understanding, the answers to frequently asked questions that may arise from the topic are given.

The information we have gathered allows us to conclude that the level of safety of emergency barriers is high, which makes the probability of accidents with consequences for the population extremely low. And knowledge of how emergency services, authorities and citizens themselves should act is the best way to combat fears.

Read about emergency response and civil protection at the link.