Uatom on “PozhTech-2021” Exhibition

 The Uatom editorial team took part in the exhibition “Protection Technologies / PozhTech’2021”, which took place from June 14 to 18, 2021 at the IEC “Livoberezhny”.

The PozhTech exhibition brought together leading Ukrainian and foreign manufacturers and service providers in the field of fire and rescue equipment.

Our partner, the State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, provided a place at its stand. Thanks to this, we also told everyone who came to the SSTC NRS stand about the website and disseminated our handouts.

People were most interested in the equipment for measurements: dosimeters, spectrometers and radiometers, which were presented by the SSTC NRS. In addition, in the Chonobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the Exclusion Zone.

Together with colleagues, they conducted a small quiz among visitors to the stand on knowledge about ionizing radiation and radiation safety. The winners received T-shirts from the collection of fiction Ukrainian Apocalypse.

In total, during the four days of the exhibition, about 150 copies of the booklets were distributed: “Chornobyl: Myths and Reality”, “Ionizing Radiation in Medicine” and “Radiation Methods of Treatment and Diagnosis of Cancer”.

According to the organisers of the exhibition, a total of 21,681 people visited it. The lion’s share was made up of employees of the State Emergency Service, various ministerial  emergency services, specialists in fire protection and labour protection, and others. Editorial Board.