NPP physical protection specialists received a renovated training ground

The Multifunctional Corps of Situational Exercises (CSR) was opened in Kyiv, a training complex where physical protection specialists will be able to practice solving crisis situations at nuclear facilities.

CSR, which operates at the George Kuzmich National Centre for Physical Protection, Accounting and Control of Nuclear Material under the Institute of Nuclear Research of the NAS, was inaugurated on August 3.

The event was attended by the leadership of the Institute for Nuclear Research, the National Academy of Sciences, the SNRIU, representatives of the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as well as the US Embassy in Ukraine, because the  Corps of Situational Exercises is located in a building repair of which was funded with the U. S. Government support within the “Preparedness of Ukraine in the Nuclear Safety Field” programme.

The purpose of CSR is to bring the training of specialists involved in the physical protection of nuclear facilities closer to the conditions of real crisis situations. These are officers of the National Guard, the National Police, the State Border Guard Service, the Anti-Terrorist Center of the Security Service of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service, Radon Association specialists and other organisations dealing with radioactive materials.

Therefore, CSR and the adjacent training ground simulate the premises, territory and engineering and technical means (fencing, checkpoints, scanners, video surveillance) of nuclear and radiation-hazardous facilities.

How it works, the participants of the presentation had the opportunity to see for themselves. Right before their eyes, a special unit of the National Guard worked out the liberation of the unit control room and other production facilities of the conventional nuclear power plant from terrorists. The technical equipment of the CSR allowed to create conditions of “full immersion”: with noise from the operation of the station equipment, smoke and simulation of shooting with the help of the “laser tag” system. Editorial Board.