CPPRV announced a tender for the construction of a storage facility for Ukrainian HLW from Russia

The Central Radioactive Waste Management Company (CPPRV) has announced a tender for the construction of an Intermediate Storage Facility for Vitrified High-Level Waste (HLW), which will return from Russia after the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel from VVER-440 reactors at Ukrainian NPPs. The relevant announcement is published on the website of the public procurement system Prozorro.

Components of works ordered by CPPRV: production of working documentation (stage “R”), research and development work, supply and installation of equipment. It is assumed that the facility will be commissioned in a single line without the allocation of launch complexes.

The storage will be designed to store 260 cubic meters of vitrified HLW for 100 years.

The deadline for submission of tender proposals is September 13. The auction is scheduled for October 19. Construction work, according to the project, should be completed by December 2023.

It will be recalled that the project to build a storage facility for intermediate storage of highly active vitrified radioactive waste (RW), which will return from the Russian Federation, was approved in May 2020. The master plan of the project envisages that the storage facility will be built on the Vector production complex in the Exclusion Zone.