The cafe, bus station and 16-storey building in Prypyat will be restored in 2022

The Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources of Ukraine has announced the renovation of three facilities in Prypyat in the Chornobyl Exclusion Zone. Ilona Schneider, Operations Director of the Project Office, spoke about this at the presentation of the Chornobyl project. Preservation”.

Renovation of the Prypyat cafe, the bus station and the 16-storey building will begin. It is planned to develop a project for the renovation of these facilities this year, and construction and repair work — next year.

Chief expert of the Chornobyl project. Preservation” Oleksandr Syrota gives a presentation on the spot. Source: FB Lala Tarapakina

The renovation, in particular, will affect the famous stained glass windows, which were famous for the cafe “Prypyat”; on the roof of the skyscraper they plan to build a helipad, as well as in one of the apartments — the museum of Lieutenant Volodymyr Pravyk, who commanded the first fire brigade that arrived at the Chornobyl disaster.

Adviser to the Minister of Environmental Protection and project manager Lala Tarapakina during the presentation. Source: FB Lala Tarapakina

The Dytiatky checkpoint, the tourist gate of the exclusion zone, is also under renovation. A project to restore it will also be developed this year. A total of UAH 30 million has been allocated for the renovation of the exclusion zone facilities. In the future, they may attract investors.

Among the promising objects of renovation for 2022: the radar station “Duga”, the pool “Lazurny”, the hotel “Polissia”, the cinema “Prometey”, the Palace of Culture “Energetik” and the river station.

The project “Chornobyl. Preservation” became a continuation of the exhibition project “Chornobyl. Travel” aims to preserve all the sights of the Exclusion Zone. Project initiator: Office of the President of Ukraine.