Hurry up to Apply for Participation in RNPP Nuclear School!

One week left to agree to the RNPP Nuclear School. The career guidance project aimed at forming the personnel reserve of the Rivne NPP allows you to start preparation for the power engineering specialty from school.

The Nuclear School program includes lectures by RNPP professionals, communication with young experts, business games, contests, internship in operational subdivisions and on administrative positions. Participants who complete the training will receive certificates and presents from RNPP and a separate subdivision of the Ukrainian Nuclear Society in the Rivne region.                                            

The Nuclear School invites pupils of 9-11 grades from educational institutions of Varash and settlements of the RNPP observation zone.

The project will last from October 2021 to April 2022.

To become a participant, you need to send a creative essay on the topic “Why I want to study at the RNPP Nuclear School” (no more than A4 page) by 24 September 2021 and fill in an application.