IAEA Announces Conference on Nuclear Law during 65th General Conference

The General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency started on 20 September and will last by 24 at the organization’s headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi in his speech stressed that nuclear power can significantly help in the fight against climate change. “443 operating reactors in 32 countries and 51 reactors under construction in 19 countries provide clean energy for the carbon-free energy balance we now need,” Grossi said. “It will be much easier to decarbonize the world by 2050 with the help of nuclear energy.”

Rafael Grossi. Image: IAEA

The Director General has announced several important events. According to him, in the near future, it is planned to revise the Convention on the Physical Protection of Nuclear Material, since more and more nuclear material is in the hands of operators.

In addition, Grossi announced IAEA intentions to hold a World Conference on Nuclear Law in 2022. “Our experts point out that it is especially important to have a legal framework and structure that will allow us to play by and observe the same rules,” the Director General explained the need for the conference.

“This will give all of us the opportunity to look at the legal aspects of what we are doing and identify new challenges and continue to work towards a consensus that allows us to move forward,” he added.

The Ukrainian delegation included representatives of SNRIU, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Energy, Energoatom, State Scientific and Technical Center for Nuclear and Radiation Safety. The delegation head – SNRIU Chairman Hryhorii Plachkov thanked IAEA for the continuous support of Ukraine in projects aimed at ChNPP decommissioning, construction of the new safe confinement and assistance with equipment for COVID-19 diagnostics.

Hryhorii Plachkov. Image: SNRIU

Plachkov also noted that it is impossible to provide state oversight of nuclear materials in the territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia. The delegation head stressed that this situation is unacceptable and requires a proper international settlement.

“Ukraine is an active participant in all processes under the auspices of the International Atomic Energy Agency,” Hryhorii Plachkov assured.

The Ukrainian delegation plans to hold a number of meetings during the General Conference, take part in technical meetings and the IAEA-2021 scientific forum.

 According to IAEA, SNRIU