Launches New Section – Blogs developed a platform for discussions between experts on NRS, so that the public could hear different opinions of competent and experienced experts, join the discussion and ask questions of concern.

The new section was opened by the blog of Mykola Steinberg, former Chief Engineer of the Chonobyl NPP, Head of the State Committee of Ukraine for Nuclear and Radiation Safety, and Deputy Minister of Fuel and Energy of Ukraine. The author addresses nuclear energy in the context of global warming and shares his thoughts on the prospects for its development. The text of Mr. Steinberg can be found here. 

At the same time, we invite you to become one of the authors after previous familiarization with the rules for preparation and submission of publications. Blogs Section. Rules for Preparation and Submission of Publications

Publications in the Blogs section are in the author column format. The columns present only the authors’ point of view, therefore the editorial board of the website DO NOT approve and DO NOT edit the content of the texts sent, however, they reserve the right to correct texts regarding grammatical and stylistic compliance with the standards of the up-to-date literary language.

The author selects column topic independently, taking into account the general topic of the website (various aspects of nuclear and radiation safety). The editorial board, in turn, can propose a topic with the consent of the author.

Blogs are published on the website, and links to them are posted on the Facebook page, where page subscribers can discuss them. The column style is publicistic, popular science. To show the topic and/or your arguments, you can use images, tables, graphs (indicating authors or source). The recommended text size is 8000-10000 characters with spaces (Times New Roman font, 14 size, 1.5 line spacing).

The language of the blog is Ukrainian, Russian and English.

The Blogs section is located on the main website page in the right side menu and represents a separate page with a list of publications.

Please note that the editorial board may not share the opinion of the authors in the Blogs section. The authors of the texts are solely responsible for the materials in the Blogs section.

The editorial board reserve the right not to publish texts that are personified or commercial in nature, and contain hate speech: calls to overthrow the constitutional order, violate the territorial integrity of Ukraine, propaganda of war, violence, cruelty, calls to incite interethnic, racial and religious hostility, to commit terrorist acts, etc.

The text for the Blogs section can be sent to It is also necessary to add an illustration or several illustrations, indicate the author, brief information about the author and contact information for feedback.