SMRs Are Perfect for Australian Market, Specialized Council Asserts

Australia selects small modular reactors (SMR) for implementation due to the transition to decarbonization. Three most likely projects are under consideration: modules from NuScale, BWRX-300 GE-Hitachi and Terrestrial Energy’s Integral Molten Salt Reactor.

The Minerals Council of Australia recently presented a report for discussion that presents an overview of the three most advanced small modular reactor designs in the authority’s opinion.

“Even at higher construction costs than it is expected, SMRs could be the cheapest zero-emission electricity source in Australia 24/7,” said Council Chair Tania Constable.

SMRs are a perfect option for the Australian energy market due to their increased safety and lower cost compared to high-power nuclear reactors, the report notes. In addition, SMR modules have the same capacity as existing generator units in the country, and therefore can easily replace aged coal or gas turbines without additional investment in the grid.