Stationary Radiation Monitoring System Actuated at PJSC Azovstal

In addition to radiation sources, which are widely used today in many industries, medicine and which are controlled by the regulatory body, there are also those outside the regulatory control: abandoned, lost or stolen radiation sources. In increasing frequency, such finds are detected by radiation monitoring systems, which specialized enterprises are equipped with. 

So this time, on 9 December 2021, a stationary radiation monitoring system actuated at PJSC Azovstal. During the survey of the railroad train, an increased level of gamma radiation on the surface (2.2 μSv/h) was found in a car with scrap metal received from Ternopil. Sender: AVTMK LLC. 

A radiation survey of the car was carried out to take further measures in accordance with the established procedure. 

By the way, over the past two months this is already the second case with the actuation of the stationary radiation monitoring system at PJSC Azovstal. 

According to the State Nuclear Regulatory Inspectorate