€ 5 Million to Improve Nuclear Safety Approaches

Ukraine will receive 5 million euros from the EU to improve approaches to nuclear safety. The information was received after signing the Agreement on financing the Annual Action Program for 2020 on Nuclear Safety Cooperation between the Government of Ukraine and the European Commission. 

EU Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Olga Steff said that an EU-supported project would help improving safe radioactive waste and spent nuclear fuel management in Ukraine, as well as improving remediation of former nuclear facilities. 

A total of 6.5 million euros will be spent on the program, of which the EU will provide 5 million euros and 1.5 million euros will be allocated by Ukraine. These funds will be used to develop recommendations on possible options and technological solutions for management of the radioactive waste disposal site “Pidlisny”, as well as management of waste contained therein. Funding will also facilitate improvement of the radiation monitoring system of water resources in the Exclusion Zone. 

According to the Government portal