In Hanford, Escape Room Used in Training on Respiratory Protection Equipment

The Volpentest HAMMER (Hazardous Materials Management and Emergency Response) Federal Training Center has updated its respiratory training course for employees dealing with nuclear waste by using an escape room. 

In the escape room, workers in air-fed respirators answer questions, find clues, and solve problems in a simulated working environment. Before the air bottles are empty, workers must get out, completing the task in compliance with safety rules. At the same time, they demonstrate knowledge of the equipment, responding to the simulation of air loss while wearing a supplied air respirator.  

One of the objectives of the training course is to test the ability to read and understand instructions for respiratory protection and to test a person’s response during the operation of simulated alarms. Practical exercises help employees to learn about the limitations, advantages and disadvantages of respiratory protection. 

By the way, the Volpentest HAMMER was established in 1997 to provide “realistic and comprehensive” training in safety and emergency response for nuclear waste clean-up workers and emergency response personnel through hands-on activities and real-life scenarios. 

According to World Nuclear News