Digital Platform Launched for Repowering Coal Plants

Bryden Wood has created the Repowering Coal platform for making the replacement of coal-fired boilers at existing power plants with advanced modular nuclear reactors.

The goal of the Repowering Coal platform is to allow reconstruction of 2,000 GW of existing coal power plants around the world by 2050. Through its use, it is possible to standardize and optimize all processes, including procurement, investment and approval, design, production, interaction between different suppliers for closer cooperation, etc.

The use of algorithmic design tools developed on the Repowering Coal platform will allow assessing the condition of coal power plants: whether they are suitable for replacement by advanced modular reactors. Using the design configurator, it is possible to develop initial modernization concepts for coal power plants and detailed design solutions in just a few days.

On the Repowering Coal platform, it will be possible to exchange information on the progress and results of all projects in real time.

The platform will be launched first in the US, and then in other countries of the world.

According to World Nuclear News